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Gillian Steward is a Calgary-based journalist. She currently writes a regular column for the Toronto Star and teaches journalism at Mount Royal University. She was the Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy for 2014-15, an annual fellowship awarded to a journalist. With the fellowship she completed a series of articles on the Alberta oil sands which were published in The Toronto Star in September 2015.

Alberta’s Leading the Pack With Cheap Wind Power and There’s Way More to Come

Alberta Wind Energy Revolution

When the winning bids for Alberta’s renewable power auction were announced in December, jaws dropped.

The winning projects were approved at a record-breaking low price of 3.7 cents per kilowatt hour — the lowest price for electricity anywhere in Canada.

This is a game changer. Even the most optimistic observers were shocked at how low the price turned out to be,” said Binnu Jeyakumar, electricity program director at the Pembina Institute.

My, how the times have changed.

How Alberta’s Clean Energy Transition May Actually Benefit Big Coal and Oil Players Over Small Renewables

Alberta Clean Energy Transition Renewable Energy

Alberta’s plan for the replacement of coal energy with natural gas and renewables was announced in 2015, but still questions as to who will provide the new power remain unanswered.

Walter Hossli, who has been working with solar panel manufacturers, potential investors, and green energy groups to promote community energy projects, says they want the government to move much more quickly on that sector than it has.

Everyone is sitting on their hands not knowing what the rules will be…maybe the government just doesn’t know what it’s doing on this file,” said Hossli. “There’s this go big or go home mentality because the system has been geared to larger scale electricity producers.”

Alberta Leadership Candidate Proposes Oil Pipeline to Arctic As World Aims to Get Off Oil

Trans-Alaskan pipeline. Photo by etherlore

As the leadership contest for Alberta’s newly formed United Conservative Party heats up, it’s no surprise pipeline politics are front and centre.

As four major oilsands pipeline projects from Alberta sit abandoned, stalled or awaiting review, one contender is proposing to beat the pipeline gridlock through an entirely new route.

It wouldn’t be through the west or east coast but through the Arctic — namely Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world, nestled in Hudson Bay.

Resource Companies Grapple With Supreme Court Decisions on Duty to Consult Indigenous Communities

Indigenous rights, duty to consult, zack embree

The duty to consult Indigenous communities — what it means and how it should be properly executed — is now a key issue for pipeline and petroleum companies hoping to proceed with proposed mega projects.

This was more than evident earlier this week in downtown Calgary when about 250 people gathered for lunch in The Palliser Hotel eager to hear a panel of experts discuss two recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions and their impact on resource project applications.