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Resource Companies Grapple With Supreme Court Decisions on Duty to Consult Indigenous Communities

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The duty to consult Indigenous communities — what it means and how it should be properly executed — is now a key issue for pipeline and petroleum companies hoping to proceed with proposed mega projects.

This was more than evident earlier this week in downtown Calgary when about 250 people gathered for lunch in The Palliser Hotel eager to hear a panel of experts discuss two recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions and their impact on resource project applications.

Baffin Island Communities Unanimously Opposed to Offshore Oil Exploration

baffin island oil exploration

Opposition to oil and gas exploration in the eastern arctic, around Baffin Island and the Davis Straight, may not be making headlines across the country, but it continues to grow.

Recently the Baffin Island Mayors' Forum voted unanimously to reject plans by a consortium of three multinational oil exploration companies to do seismic testing off their coasts in the Davis Straight. They hope to find evidence of oil deposits to then sell to oil companies looking for new offshore drilling projects.

The vote at the mayors' meeting is the latest in a fight by Inuit communities for control over their territory and waters as interest in oil extraction grows in the area. They are concerned that any seismic testing – and eventual oil drilling – endangers the hunting and trapping many still rely on for survival and which make up an important part of their traditional way of life. They are asking for more studies before any exploration moves forward.

All the Baffin communities are united in this feeling,” Clyde River mayor Jerry Natanine told DeSmog Canada in an interview.

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