DeSmog Canada Funding

DeSmog Canada is incorporated as a non-profit society under the B.C. Societies Act. We are funded by individuals and foundations that care about climate change, democracy, science and the environment. Since our launch, hundreds of readers have donated to support our independent journalism. In addition, we are grateful to accept funding from philanthropic foundations that support our mission.

In 2017, DeSmog Canada implemented policies on editorial independence and donor transparency, based on those adopted by the Institute for Nonprofit News. As a part of our donor transparency policy, we disclose most donors who give DeSmog Canada more than $5,000 in a fiscal year. Some individuals may request anonymity due to privacy concerns, but anonymous donations of more than $5,000 shall not comprise more than 15 per cent of our total budget in any given year.

Here's how our funding breaks down for fiscal year 2015/2016.

Financial Year Funder (Donor, Client, Partner) Revenue Received Project
2016 Wilburforce Foundation $154,165.71 Core Support
2016 Oak Foundation $79,190.00 Core Support
2016 Salal Foundation $26,857.14 B.C. Mining Research
2016 442 Individual Gifts Less than $5,000 $17,858.49 Core Support
2016 Spake Media House Inc. $9,523.81 Lobbyist Database Research

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